We are Tour Operators associated with a clinic recognized as one of the best clinics in Istanbul and we have a professional team specialised in hair surgery.

Both the method of hair transplantation used with the FUE technique as used in the IHD technique are minimally invasive and are performed in strict compliance with all European health standards, in a sterile operating theatre and under local anaesthesia.

The result is a completely painless procedure for our patients, who can quickly return to their normal life.

The post-operative is almost non-existent and imperceptible. without having to wear any seams or staples and without leaving scars or marks.

Basic Package


or in instalments from €29 per month

Transplant FUE Sapphire up to 5,500 follicles
Pre/post-operative (PRP + Mesotherapy included)
Painless anaesthesia
TDA Tricho-Test Personalised DNA Test
Transfer between hotel/clinic + translator
Life Guarantee Certificate

Standard Package


or in instalments from €29 per month

Hotel 3/4***AD stars
Sapphire FUE transplant up to 5,500 follicles
Pre/post-operative (PRP + Mesotherapy included)
Painless anaesthesia
TDA Tricho-Test Personalised DNA Test
Transfers between airport/hotel/clinic + translator
Life Guarantee Certificate

Premium Package


or in instalments from €29 per month

5 stars Hotel ***** Hilton Category
4 days and 3 nights
Transplant FUE Sapphire up to 5,500 follicles
Pre/post-operative (PRP + Mesotherapy included)
Painless anaesthesia
TDA Tricho-Test Personalised DNA Test
Possibility of contracting IHD technique (No need to shave)
Transfers between airport/hotel/clinic + translator
Flights included

Possibility of financing and payment in easy instalments

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Hair transplant reviews in Turkey

Carmen Moreno
Carmen Moreno
I am looking into having the graft done, anyone who has gone through this and can show me the results?
Overall, everything was very well coordinated. There are some details derived from the complications that covid entails and that could have been foreseen. But both the attention from Spain and all the staff of the clinic a 10. Waiting for the results and a second intervention.
Alberto Ortiz
Alberto Ortiz
Phenomenal organisation, any doubt or inconvenience is solved at any time (including holidays), highly recommended.
Bobby Manos rápidas
Bobby Manos rápidas
To you for your treatment
Vicky Poyatos
Vicky Poyatos
We went with a family member and he was delighted. Good professionals!
Eugenio Carmona
Eugenio Carmona
An experience with a very favorable result thanks to the work of great professionals.
I am very happy with the results, the treatment at the clinic is excellent and they take care of everything so you don't have to worry. My girlfriend loves my new hair.

Why Hair Transplantation in Turkey is Better


  • FUT technique (Follicular Unit Transplantation): is a procedure known as 'Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) or "strip hair transplantation". This type of intervention involves the removal of a small section of hair from the donor area, a strip one or two centimeters wide. and, at most, 30 or 35 centimeters long.
  • FUE technique (Follicular Unit Extraction) is an invasive hair micrografting procedure that involves the extraction of small groups of the patient's own hair (follicular units belonging to areas not affected by hair loss) which will subsequently be implanted in the area depopulated with hair. 


  • FUE Sapphire or DHI: is the most cutting-edge evolution of the FUE technique, as it incorporates very fine, delicate and precise sapphire blades, achieving with this innovation an important improvement in the results of the technique, both in procedure and result. The microchannels made with the ZAFIRO FUE technique are minimal incisions, compared to the incisions made with the traditional FUE technique., this is because the sapphire blade is very thin, sharp and resistant, allowing more channels to be opened, thus allowing for a greater number of channels to be opened. the grafts are closer together, this gives a greater density to the hair.


  • Local Anaesthesia: The implant process is painless. as anesthesia allows the patient to feel nothing during the process, even though they are awake during the procedure, however, not everyone is comfortable with the sight of the needle and the thought of the pain from the puncture. In addition, the head has many nerve endings and this means that any slight blow or the simplest hair pull can cause intense stabbing pain, let alone a subcutaneous injection with a needle.


  • Non-painful pre-anesthesia: through a needleless syringe (it can be compared to a small compressed air gun), which rests on the skin and, once activated, vaporizes the anesthetic through the epidermis without causing local accumulation, and without the patient feeling pain.

Spain: between 1,500 and 3,000 follicles in a fast session of 4 hours on average.

Turkey: more than 5,500 follicles in a gentle session lasting 9 hours on average.


  • Medical study, ppre-operation tests, vn a two-way trip, estay (5-star hotel *****), orperation, spost-operation follow-up: 3.500€ – 10.000€


How is the hair transplant process in Turkey?

Play video about Hair transplantation: Is it a painful procedure?

(TDA) Advanced Alopecia Test - Trichotest

Our team of Doctors will assess the quality and strength of the scalp in the personalised Alopecia DNA Test, prior to the hair transplant.

Included in all packs

Return flight

Roundtrip flights with one of the best airlines in the world: Turkish Airlines.
Turkish Airlines, considered in service quality well above Iberia and with several awards in 2017.

Blood test and Pre-anesthesia included

Painless pre-anesthesia included. Strict compliance with all European sanitary standards

5 Star Hotel (Hilton Category)

3 nights in a 5-star hotel with breakfast included in the center of Istanbul

FUE hair transplant

Hair implantation technique of up to 5,500 bulbs. Between 45-50 follicles per cm².

Private driver

A private driver will take care of transfers from airport to hotel, hotel to clinic, clinic to hotel and hotel to airport (WIFI included).

Only 3 daily patients

Our team of Doctors personally performs each intervention

Personal translator

Don't worry about the language, the clinic will have its own translator.

The only approved Spanish agency

Pioneer tour operator in Spain

Certificate of guarantee

90% hair implantation guarantee

Satisfied customers

Get to know the result and the opinion of our clients.

Media that talk about our hair grafts

Questions about hair transplantation in Turkey

Yes, and in multiple ways. When you select the desired package you will be shown several payment methods:

  • One-time payment: the total amount of the package is paid at the time of purchase. You can use your debit card (and you would be charged at the moment) or your credit card (you would be financed with the conditions of your bank for your card) or select PayPal or Revolut as payment method and they will finance the charge.
  • Initial payment, rest in clinic: The first instalment is paid to cover the flights and the rest is paid at the clinic, once in Turkey and before the operation.
  • Interest-free deferred payment: a first instalment is paid to cover the flights and the rest in 4 monthly instalments. Once the 4 months have elapsed and the total amount has been paid, the intervention will be carried out.

There are thousands of reasons why getting hair in Turkey is better than in Spain. In case it is not clear to you, we highlight in this comparison some of the most interesting facts about the hair transplant in Turkey.

To this you must add the years of experience, and is that in Turkey were and remain the pioneers in technology and new techniques, taking years of advantage over other countries in the realization of hair transplants. The professional methods and modern technology used in the Turkish clinics, together with highly qualified surgeons, make it possible to obtain the following results excellent results in hair transplant operations in Istanbul.

The hair loss hair loss is always a painful emotional process for those who suffer from it, because hair is considered a key factor in our physical appearance, both for men and women. In extreme cases, hair loss can cause a decrease in self-esteem and loss of self-confidence. Therefore, it is essential to have a methodology that adapts the hair graft in Turkey to the situation of each person, always responding to each of their needs.

Thanks to technical and technological advances, there are many painless and permanent solutions for alopecia on the market, such as the hair transplantation. A hair grafting is a medical procedure that consists in extracting follicular units from the back of the head to be implanted in the front of the head. This is the only definitive technique to put an end to baldness, as long as it is performed in a professional manner and taking into account the appropriate characteristics of each patient so that the hair follicular units can be implanted in the front of the head. hair transplant operation has a high success rate.

Hospitalization is not necessary. The treatment lasts several hours but it is not compulsory for the patient to spend the night in hospital. Afterwards, post-intervention observations and treatments will be carried out, so that we can corroborate the state of the scalp, if the implantation has been completely correct, etc.

After 1 week, maximum 10 days we will start to see how the first hairs start to grow.

Our doctor estimates that almost 100% of the transplanted follicles can survive once the procedure is completed. This percentage is guaranteed by professional clinics specialized in the treatment and with years of experience.

Hair transplantation can be done during the 12 months of the year without any problem.
The DHI (Direct Hair Implant) technique is possible only in the following cases:
  • Good blood circulation.
  • Grafting sessions not exceeding 3,500 follicles.
  • This technique allows the patient not to be shaved.
The client must present himself at the clinic with a haircut of minimum level 3 and not lower.
Dr. Ugur Altuntas has more than 18 years of experience in the field of hair transplantation and more than 20,000 patients with international recognition.
For the day of the operation you will need to dress comfortably, with a button-down or zippered shirt. And button or zippered sweaters and jackets. To prevent anything from going over your head.
100% of our clients are satisfied with the result of their hair transplant in Turkey. If you have any doubts you can see the before and after photos of the hair transplant.

Totally. The process is also performed with the FUE technique.

Why Global Health Hair?

We are the first Spanish hair transplantation agency in Turkey homologated and we exclusively offer the possibility of being operated on by an experienced medical team that already has more than 20,000 satisfied patients and who have already benefited from the excellent results offered by the revolutionary hair transplant techniques. FUE Sapphire (Follicular Unit Extraction) or hair transplantation DHI (Direct Hair Implant). Both treatments are minimally invasive and painless thanks to a small application of local anesthesia.

Clinic awarded to the Best Customer Experience 2020, 2021 and 2022

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