Benefits of coconut oil on hair

Caring for our hair is something we are all concerned about and, to a greater or lesser extent, we try to do our best to achieve it. In this case, we want you to know the benefits of coconut oil on hair to encourage you to use it.

Three ways coconut oil is good for your hair

Every hair expert should know that the oil must be liquid to apply it, so if it is in a solid or semi-solid state, you will have to give it a few seconds of heat.

That said, we leave you with three benefits of coconut oil for the hair that you will love and that may surprise you.

Coconut oil for dry hair

Let's start with the most common use and one that you probably already know about, its application as a mask to treat dryness.

Like most oils, it has an enormous capacity to nourish. It is also known for its regenerative power. This means that we get long-term results, achieving greater shine and considerable softness. In addition, the results are also immediate, i.e. as soon as you remove the product from your hair you will notice that it is in a much better condition.

All you have to do is:

  1. Apply the liquid coconut oil on the dry parts of your hair.
  2. Comb your hair completely so that it works at a deep level.
  3. Keep the oil in your hair for several hours. You can even sleep with it if you cover yourself so as not to stain your bed linen (don't forget that it is an oil and its stains are practically impossible to remove).
  4. Rinse thoroughly.


Coconut oil for dandruff

This ingredient is one of the most effective in treating episodes of dandruff and few people know it.

  1. In this case, the oil should be applied to the scalp, but only secondarily to the hair.
  2. Apply it, in the shower and when wet, in circles, using gentle movements, in a similar way as if you were washing yourself.
  3. Hold for 10 minutes and rinse thoroughly so that no residue remains.
  4. Apply a anti-dandruff shampoo commercially available for regular laundering.

You'll create extra difficulty for dead skin to fall off in droves, and it's also easier to clean using this product.

Coconut oil for baldness

Finally, we find that one of the magnificent properties of coconut oil is that it helps us to combating alopeciaIt is also a good product for washing your hair after a hair transplant.

In this case, its action in conjunction with another oil, castor oil, will be the secret to achieving this impressive result.

  1. Wet your hair.
  2. Take a 20-30 ml portion of coconut oil and mix it with three or four drops of castor oil.
  3. Apply the mixture to damp hair from roots to ends but try not to soak the hair. scalp (unless you also have dandruff).
  4. Comb your hair.
  5. Wait for an hour.
  6. Rinse thoroughly.
  7. Wash your hair using a mild shampoo.

The hair is nourished, strengthened and regenerated, making it harder to fall out. In addition, you will see that this application also serves to comb the hair, which will undoubtedly also favour the hair transplant treatment by not having to pull it so much. On the other hand, you should know that it is a product that stimulates the hair to grow and grow. follicles grow.

Although the first and obvious effect of hair grafting is on an aesthetic level, there is no doubt that it improves your self-esteem after a hair transplant. hair implant. This is something we have no hesitation in affirming, and loudly, because we have witnessed the progress of hundreds of patients who, as the months go by, contact us simply to tell us how they are doing and to thank us again for having changed their lives; just like that.

A change for the better in every way you look at it.

A physical change

It goes without saying that, as the months go by, putting on hair will physical change in our body. The transplanted follicles continue to develop and the growth and thickening of the new hairs takes place gradually.

If you have read our article on the evolution of graftingYou will know that from the third month onwards this thickness is already evident, and the result is getting closer and closer to the final process.

Another important pull is after the fifth month, where the hair becomes thicker again and its length has increased considerably. In addition, we find that, at this point, the naturalness has increased, and you can already get an idea of what the final result will be like.

As you can see, you don't have to wait long to notice a change at an aesthetic level, changes that occur physically in our scalp.

Psychological change

However, this aesthetic modification, in almost all cases, is determined by the psychological discomfort of the patient. It may be that he or she feels unattractive, that he or she has been rejected by someone close to him or her, that his or her alopecia has been a determining factor in not getting a job... Many things can happen and each person is the master of his or her own story. However, we can say that nobody is a hair grafting boredom, there is always a reason behind it that is related to our self-esteem.

These different situations we have experienced take their toll on our self-esteem, causing us to lose self-confidence.

As if this were not enough, there are even vicious circles related to alopecia. A clear example is anxiety. Suffering from this disorder ends up making us lose our hair and, in turn, our new appearance and its consequences make us more anxious. Entering one of these circles is very dangerous as recovery is very difficult on a psychological level, but it is much worse for our hair, which could even maintain an excessive hair loss and never recover.

There are few solutions to this problem other than to tackle the problem in time, before all the follicles atrophy, and use the healthy follicles for a transplant. Only in this way we will be able to grow healthy hair.

Improving self-esteem

The first thing we feel, on a psychological level, when we see the results of the implant, is that we are regaining control over our bodies. When hair falls out of control, we feel powerless because nothing we do works. This leads us to consider ourselves inferior, incapable of controlling situations and, as a result, we allow ourselves to be manipulated. horrible feeling with devastating consequences that, with the HAIR GRAFTINGdisappear.

After a few months, as we said, the sprouts of long, thick hair and its much more natural appearance than before help us to start regaining the confidence we had lost some time ago. In addition, the self-esteem increases when we look more beautiful (it sounds superficial but it is the truth) and, beyond that, when we see that we have changed, overcoming a bad situation.

Thus, little by little, everything that we had forgotten to do (going out dancing, making friends or even looking for a job) comes back to our minds and, little by little, we begin to test whether the intervention has been a success in this aspect. Positive results in these interactions are essential for the patient, who feels again like an individual in society, not someone relegated because of a physical characteristic. In addition, overcoming the situation means that the person generally faces his or her new life with more courage, with a new and positive predisposition; the change is truly incredible.

Perceiving ourselves in this positive way will serve to reinforce our self-respect, which is essential to make us respect ourselves and so that, out of empathy, we will also want to respect others and treat them politely. In this way, our relationships become positive and our environment gradually ceases to be toxic and destructive for us.

Do you have weak hair? dry? too delicate? Then you're sure to be delighted to find out the best tips for healthy hair in summer. Take note because by following them you will notice an important change.

Tips for healthy hair in summer

Don't miss these 7 tips that will make your hair look beautiful even if there are degrees too much in the atmosphere.

Eat well

You should always eat a balanced diet, incorporating all food groups into your diet. However, if you are looking to give special attention to your hair, choose to increase your intake of protein, vitamin D and healthy fats such as nuts.

Biotin and vitamin E are also essential in this respect. As for minerals, don't forget zinc, which is directly related to hair loss.


Hair, like the rest of our body, needs to be hydrated in order to be more flexible, not to dry out and, in short, to be healthy. It is therefore essential that you drink at least one glass of water for every 8 kilos of your body weight every day.

That is, if you weigh 64 kilograms you should drink 8 glasses of water. This amount should be increased if you do a lot of physical activity or if you undergo dehydration treatments such as sauna, tanning, etc.

Hair care products

Since dryness is what affects us most during the summer, we should also try to moisturise from the outside. To do this, there is nothing better than using oil serums such as argan oil or almond oil and elixirs that combine fatty acids.

They also make styling easier, give shine and some are even used as protectors and revitalisers, which not only improve the appearance, but also prevent hair loss to a large extent.

Protect yourself

Sun, chlorine, salt and sand are enemies of the hair. This is something universal that you already know. The thing to do is to try to protect yourself from these agents as much as possible.

Wear hats or caps, apply protective and sealant products that prevent the passage of these agents, wear rubber caps in swimming pools, spas and such areas, if you wear your hair long, try to tie it up so that it comes into contact with these agents in the smallest proportion, wet it before entering chlorinated or salt water areas so that it does not absorb these compounds, etc.

In short, whenever possible, put a "wall" between the aggressors and the mane.

Give yourself a trim

Go to the hairdresser and ask them to remove a few centimetres (or a lot if you have long hair). You can also opt for a thinning in the areas where you have a lot of hair.

This will remove extra dry, weakened hair, leaving you with a high proportion of healthy, nutrient-grabbing hair.

Visit a clinic

If you think it is not enough or your hair is particularly delicate, don't hesitate and go to a hair clinic. There, experts carry out personalised treatments with products and techniques specifically chosen after analysing your hair and your characteristics.

And if you're thinking of getting a hair transplant, it might be a good time to go on holiday.

Give him a break

Finally, if you want to healthy hair in summerWe advise you to avoid hairdryers and similar appliances. Heat is drying and damaging. If you must use them, always use them at the lowest temperature and apply a high quality heat protector beforehand.