The best techniques for hair grafting

When you want to achieve a greater density of hair, you always consider various options ranging from basic treatment to aftercare, check-ups, transfers, the number of workers who will attend you, etc.

Today we are talking about one of these factors, perhaps the essential one: the different techniques that exist for hair implants.

What hair grafting techniques are available today?

We are going to talk about the four most commonly used methods for hair transplants today.

Hair implantation technique using FUE technique

It is, together with the following, an essential in hair transplantation. It is highly recommended because this FUE hair transplant treatment leaves no visible scars. This means that it is used on practically all occasions, especially when patients have really short hair or even shaved hair, because the grafts are imperceptible in terms of scalp laceration and subsequent marks.

The reason for this is that the extraction is done follicle by follicle, as is the implantation in the recipient area. This means that the invasion is minimal and that no significant wounds are created that leave scars afterwards.



Hair implantation technique using FUSS technique

The FUSS techniqueis often recommended for those who have donor areas with a limited number of follicles. It is also, of course, the solution for those who wish to keep their hair longer.

In this case we can perceive certain scars that remain over time. However, this is not the problem, as they can fade, be concealed and so on. What happens is that, if the healing process is not adequate, these scars will be much more visible.

What are we talking about? The FUSS hair grafting method consists of the removal of a band of skin, with all its little hairs. This is between 15 and 20 cm long. It is removed from the donor site and goes to the recipient site, and here stitches are stitched, as is obvious. We are already talking about a major invasion and a medical process whose recovery can be more difficult and delicate.

Hair transplantation by means of stem cell hair regeneration technique

This technique is really successful in many cases. However, due to its complexity and high price, there are few hair transplant clinics in Turkey that offer it, as there are also few patients willing to invest in it, as with the previous ones we obtain the same results at a much lower price.

Hair transplantation by cloning technique

There is already talk of the implantation of cloned hair. It is an early technique, under study and testing and therefore not yet available.

In general, these are the different techniques for a hair implant that you can currently find in the cosmetic surgery market. The choice of one or the other will depend on a number of factors, although, for all the above reasons, we recommend the FUE methodwhich is economical and offers perfect aesthetic results.