Which are the countries with the highest degree of alopecia?

As with any other aspect, there is a ranking of countries with the highest degree of alopecia. Today we are going to see which ones are at the top and find out a little more information.

Which countries have the most bald heads?

Let's see, in order, in which places we can find a greater number of men suffering from baldness.


In Europe we have this situation:

Czech Republic

The 43% of Czechs suffer from baldness to some degree, an astonishing figure considering that we are talking about more than 4 people for every 10.


The second in Europe and the first in the Mediterranean. Our men suffer from the baldness in a 40%. Of these, 73% no longer has any hair, either because it has fallen out completely or because it has opted for shaving to conceal it.

It should be noted, moreover, that the figure is on the rise. And we are not just talking about men. Women, although to a much lesser extent, are also beginning to increase the percentage of alopecia sufferers.

The greater predisposition to baldnessby community, occurs in Castilla y LeónThe Galician population, with a chilling 89% of men with alopecia among its population (we must also consider that this is one of the oldest communities, so it is normal that the number of bald people is higher). On the opposite side would be the Galicians.

Germany, France and the United Kingdom

That's right, after Spain and the Czech Republic, the following are practically the only ones remaining equal to each other and within a few tenths of the figures for the Spanish population.



In America we meet the sixth country of allopeciesUnited States. Among its population there is a 39% of hairless men.

Latin America

In Latin America, the most affected are Chileans, Argentinians and Paraguayans, who are not very different from us. The lowest percentage of men with thinning hair is in Mexico; only 30% of the population suffers from some degree of alopecia.


In Asia we find men who, despite not having a very high density of hair, have a very high percentage of men with good hair, without thinning or baldness, among their population. Let's remember that Asians are the race with the highest percentage of hair. fewer hairs per follicleYou can find out more about it in our post How many follicular units are needed for hair transplantation?

Those who suffer the most are the NipponThe number of men considered to be bald in the country is 26.28%.

Finally, we will end the post with some tips on how to prevent this situation If our hair is already falling out, take note!

  • Drink plenty of water. Hydration is essential for every cell to do its job. A direct example is the supply of oxygen to our follicles, which will not be carried out properly if the cells in charge are not hydrated.
  • Activate your circulation. To do this, do the following scalp massages and alternate the use of hot and cold water. As well as making your hair fall out less, by getting the nutrients in correctly, it will grow healthy and strong.
  • Balanced diet. Eat a balanced diet, HEALTHY FOOD and, above all, rich in antioxidants and protein.

We already discussed this in our informative post on the ranking of alopecic people and today we want to go into it in more detail: Spain is the second country in the world with the highest incidence of alopecia.

Once again, the results of the annual survey confirm our silver medal on the podium of those affected by baldness.

Much of the trend is due to the geneticsand then nothing can be done about it except to put hair on when the time comes. However, poor hair care, of various kinds, is also increasingly affecting hair loss.

Facts you should know about baldness in Spain

The second place is given to us by a percentage corresponding to 42.7% of affected population. Only the Czech Republic is ahead, and by a tiny difference of 0.19%. We are talking about more than 4 out of 10 people suffers from this problem at one level or another. The main people affected, as in all countries, are men.

However, in addition to affecting a significant number of people, the alopecia also appears at increasingly younger ages. In Europe, the young alopecic population is 30%. Compared to other places such as Asia, where this pathology only affects 10% of young people, it is clear that, in addition to the fact that Orientals are genetically less predisposed to it, we are doing something wrong in the West.

Yes, Caucasian men are much more affected by androgenic alopecia than other races. However, alopecia areata has nothing to do with ethnic or racial differences and we also make a podium with it.

Perhaps the fact that in China the affected population is less than half that in our country means something, and not just that we are more prone to hair loss. Their healthy diet, including regular consumption of natural herbs, makes their hair health much better than ours, which in turn is seriously damaged by excessive smoking and alcohol consumption.

Pay more attention to your hair health

Although, as we mentioned at the beginning, there are many people who, unfortunately, have a genetic predisposition to hair loss, there is also another sector that can remedy what is happening to them or slow it down.

Since balding can be caused simply by poor hair (and general) health, what you need to do is as simple as that: take care of yourself.

Here are the main reasons why your hair may be falling out and, of course, we encourage you to stop and think about what may be affecting you and correct your lifestyle; you will see how quickly your hair returns to normal, without falling out, being stronger, less brittle and with much more shine.