Factors that cause hair loss

Knowing which are the factors that cause hair loss is essential to try to remedy this problem, which can become chronic if not properly treated.

We have to say that sometimes this is unavoidable and the only solution is surgery to perform a graft, but in other cases we can solve the problem or at least slow down the process as much as possible.

Why does my hair fall out?

Answering this question can be very easy or very difficult. There are several factors that cause hair lossIt is everyone's job to check what they are doing on a daily basis and which of them are present in order to get a better idea. Let's look at them in detail because there are many.


Stress, whether physical or emotional, is the main factor in alopecia in middle age. The solution may come from the simple passage of time or it may require psychological treatment to a greater or lesser extent, although it is not the most common if you only develop this pathology.

Too many vitamins

When they are taken too many vitamins (something that happens when we supplement without medical supervision), the following are produced hair disordersincluding hair loss. Stop taking them or change the dose under supervision.

Too few vitamins

Interestingly, the opposite can also be the case, with the most important being vitamin A and B vitamins, especially biotin and cyanocobalamin. The solution is as simple as including foods rich in them in your diet.

Low protein

Protein is responsible for many of our body's processes, including hair production. All you need to do is increase your intake.


Iron is the mineral that has the greatest impact cause of hair loss. A simple blood test will tell you if you are anaemic and, if so, the solution is as simple as taking more of it. Depending on the necessary dose, you will modify your diet and/or take supplements.

Rapid weight loss

Losing weight quickly stresses the immune system, which acts uncontrollably. To stop your hair falling out you need to regularising weight lossThe new system will be more gradual.

Attack of the immune system

A very curious thing when viewed from the outside is that our immune system conceives of our hair as a foreign agent and therefore decides to attack it. This falls out in a process known as alopecia areata which, if left untreated, will most likely end in total baldness. It requires steroid injections but, unfortunately, these are not always effective.


Certain medications such as anticoagulants, anxiolytics or antidepressants can accelerate hair loss. In this case, you will need to adjust your treatments so that they are not as aggressive on your hair but are still effective.


Women, with their constant hormonal changes (menopause, pregnancy, taking contraceptives...) you may see your hair fall out. There are treatments that are adapted to these situations. The same applies if you suffer from hypothyroidism.


We are talking about androgenic alopecia, which does require specific treatment.


The last of the factors leading to the hair loss is age, and we cannot fight against it. We cannot turn back the clock and the only thing left is to go to a specialised doctor to get a prescription for treatment which, on many occasions, is not effective, leaving only the hair transplant in Turkey as an option if certain conditions are met.