5 celebrities who have had hair grafts that will surprise you

Alopecia is unforgiving and affects a large number of people around the world. Baldness affects 1 in 3 people, so no one is exempt from suffering from hair loss, and yes, not even celebrities. In this article we bring you the 5 most prominent celebrities who have undergone hair transplants and the before and after. We're sure you'll be surprised by some of them.

For many men, baldness is a direct consequence of the passage of time, a sign that makes the disappearance of the youth that has accompanied them for so many years more evident. It also takes its toll on their self-esteem. Although alopecia is very flattering in the majority of cases - remember celebrities such as Bruce Willis, Dwayne Johnson, Michael Jordan, Zinedine Zidane or the actor Jason Statham - on many other occasions the subject resorts to surgery to put an end to the source of all his insecurities. Hair grafting is the quickest and most natural solution, only valid for hereditary baldness.

This operation consists of extracting small follicular units from those parts of the head where the follicle is maintained for life. They are then implanted in the upper part of the head. Well-known faces of the current scene have resorted to this process to increase the volume of their hair, with surprising results. Here are the most famous cases.

Celebrities who have had hair transplants

Rafa Nadal

The world number one tennis player recently caught the media's attention after unexpectedly sporting a very suspicious change of look. His usual mane gave way to a haircut that showed an incipient alopecia. The reason for this transformation is none other than the hair treatment that the sportsman is undergoing.

John Travolta

In Hollywood, hair implants are also in vogue. Proof of this is actor John Travolta, who has resorted excessively to this revolutionary method. The most advisable thing to do is to do the process gradually, however, the star of Grease wanted to save time and money by making the change overnight. With a more than questionable effectiveness.

Wayne Rooney

At the age of 25, the Everton player underwent a hair transplant operation. Eight sessions in which Rooney shared the results with all his followers. A process that the sportsman has always been proud of. I was going bald when I was very young, why not do it," he said on his official Twitter account.

Diego Simeone

The abundant hair that the Atlético de Madrid coach now has appeared by magic a few years ago, following a visit to the operating theatre by the former footballer. This is perhaps one of the best examples when it comes to hair implants, as it looks completely natural.

Nicolas Cage

In 2013, Nicolas Cage followed in Travolta's footsteps, showing the world a flattering and ill-fated toupee at the Venice Film Festival. After resorting to hair grafting, the Californian actor regained the sex appeal that had always characterised him.

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