"By the skin of my teeth" €200 discount (promotion ended)

"Por los pelos. Una historia de autoestima" is a Spanish comedy that will be released in cinemas on 12 August. A film in which the three main characters travel to Turkey to have a hair transplantation.

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To celebrate the release of this film, which is so closely related to the transplant service that Doctor Ugur Altuntas has been offering for many years more than 22 years agoIf you see the film "Por los pelos", and send us your cinema ticket, you will receive a 200€ discount on your hair transplant to Turkey of Global Health. Please note that for obvious reasons, our service does not include any comical scenes like the ones you can see in the trailer, we only perform the best quality hair transplants in Turkey, with excellent results and a lifetime guarantee certificate.

Por los pelos satirizes the fashion for hair implants as a way of reaffirming male self-esteem, although we know that it is also possible to have a hair transplant in the form of a hair transplant. hair transplant for women in Turkey.

Synopsis of the film "By the skin of my teeth. A story of self-esteem".

Staying bald remains a trauma for many boys. A none likes lose on hairespecially in a world in which superficiality, superficiality image and marketing are the order of the day.

Juanjo, Sebas and Rayco are three examplesamong millions, of how alopecia, in addition of the decadence from hairentails also the decadence of self-esteem, self-esteem, self-esteem, self-esteem, self-esteem, self-esteem, self-esteem, self-esteem trust e includingof the virility.
Rayco, is a reggaeton singer and has more tickets than the Corte Inglés. In the paradise of posturing, its problem This can result in loss of fame and less awareness of theos.

Juanjo is a faint-hearted man in his forties, who looked with nobility the open field of his head to who married Inma, a woman dilettante to the touch-ups aesthetics, installed in a permanent crisis from existence and who thinks that being married to a bald age it more than a few legs from rooster.

Sebas, the other way round that his friend, Juanjo, carries locked in the "cupboard" of the bald since he discovered the hairpiece from hair natural. A prosthesis capillary that has to compete with the "big hair" of the new couple of his ex-wife, a adonis to which his daughters are beginning to call "dad". If well alopecia does not differentiate ni understands strata social solutionyes.
And the fact is that, what even today was prohibitively expensive for manyTurkey has fact available for everyone with its low-cost hair tourism, thus becoming the new manna of the bald.

Juanjo, Sebas and Rayco will embark on an adventure in which they will discover that their embolado is not so much on top of his head, but inside.