Baldness does not only result in hair loss on the front, top and crown of the head. It presents itself in multiple forms depending on the motivation and it is also possible that you are suffering from it in a different way, losing hair all over the head, that is, in a non-focalised way, reducing the density of the mane. This is known as diffuse alopecia and is the pathology we will see below.

What is diffuse alopecia?

Diffuse alopecia, also known as telogen effluvium, is a type of temporary baldness that involves loss of hair density across the entire scalp. It subsides as the problem causing it recedes and your hair returns to normal.

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Symptoms of diffuse alopecia

This type of baldness is diagnosed because the hair falls out quickly and clearly. Despite the fact that there are no specific areas of hair loss, but rather the hairs fall out in a diffuse manner, all over the surface, this occurs very suddenly and sharply, with each hair passing from the growth phase to the shedding phase in a matter of days.

Causes of diffuse alopecia

This pathology is related to various disorders that have hair loss as a direct consequence. These are very varied, including infections, intense stress, pharmacological treatments, diets with nutrient deficiencies, eating disorders, aggressive treatments or thyroid diseases.

Diffuse alopecia treatment; can it be cured?

To treat alopecia, the first and foremost thing to do is to find out the cause of the alopecia and start treating it, because when it disappears, so will all its symptoms, including hair loss. If you suffer from stress, you will have to find out why and, through psychological therapy or even psychiatric treatment, make it disappear. If you have a nutritional deficit, a diet and supplementation will be necessary. If you have undergone physical stress, you simply have to let time pass and take care of your hair in the meantime. If you have an infection, you will have to cure it and take the corresponding medication. And so on with any disorder or illness until it goes away.

In addition, we can resort to hair laser treatments, which will help to slow down hair loss, stimulation and regeneration to provide more nutrients and help the hair gain vitality while this healing takes place, so that hair loss is slowed down as much as possible and the hair acquires structure and shape again.

You will see the results between 12 and 20 weeks after there are evident signs of healing of the cause. It is a slightly lengthy process but, if it does not take too long and cause havoc, it is completely reversible and you will be able to enjoy the hair you have always had.

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